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Frequently Asked Questions

1- How do I choose the right size for me or my daughter?
Please bring the metric measurement and the measurement from the shoulder to where you want the length of the dress and the light you choose. There is also a table of measurements that you can refer to before ordering.

2- There are some designs on Instagram that I cannot find in the online store?
This means that it has sold out and is only available on our website

3- Delivery or shipping period?

Shipping time varies by products:
Bakhor, accessories, bags and ready-made dresses:
2-3 working days within the Sultanate of Oman
5-7 working days outside the Sultanate of Oman

Ordered dresses, which is the case with most of the designs in our store:
14-20 working days within the Sultanate of Oman
20-25 working days outside the Sultanate of Oman

4- How much do Kahraman prices range?
  • Prices for the children's section start from 28 Omani riyals and increase according to height in inches
  • Prices for bags start from 15 Omani Riyals
  • The clothing section prices start from 40 Omani riyals
  • Abaya section prices start from 25 Omani riyals
  • Bakhor section prices start from 6 Omani riyals

5- Do you take notes?
Yes, it is possible for dresses to be tailored, as long as they do not contradict the design

6- Do you accept order cancellation?
Yes, provided that this is done as soon as possible. If the request exceeds 24 hours, the cancellation cannot be accepted because it is being processed.

7- How do I know when the order will be shipped?
You will receive an alert on your account on the site that the shipment has been completed, and you will receive it within two days inside Oman or within 7 days to the rest of the Gulf countries and the world

8- Is there an exchange or refund?
Please see in detail the conditions in the exchange and refund section at the top of the page

9- What countries do you deliver to?
We deliver to all Arab Gulf countries and countries of the world in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and America
Except for the following countries due to the fact that there are no delivery companies for them
The countries that cannot be reached are: Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iran, and Sudan

10- With which shipping company do you send orders?

All your orders are sent through an Omani delivery company, Ginacom Delivery Company, and for international orders, shipping is done via DHL

11- Does the order reach my home?
Yes, the order will be delivered to your home. Please write the address in detail and the contact number clearly to avoid delaying the shipment

12- How can I communicate with you?
You can click on Contact Us at the top of the store page and send an email to us, and we will respond as soon as possible

13- What is the rewards program?
It is a program that allows points to be accumulated after each purchase and can be redeemed for the next purchase