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Occasions Clothing

 Occasions Clothing
A heritage dress made of soft silk with intense embroidery with threads and mirrors on the chest and sleeves and elegant pleats on the sides.Material: SilkSet: two pieces (thobe + head scarf)..
208.00 USD
An amber-colored Khaleeji dress completely handmade with beads and shiny sequins  *Special design and implementation by Dar Kahraman Material: Luxurious handmade tulleSet: one piece (Khaleeji dress)..
910.00 USD
A luxurious navy blue bisht A luxurious navy blue bisht
The most ordered
A navy blue bisht, heavily embroidered with threads and sequins, with a golden inner dress and a separate skirt to add elegance. Special Kahraman designMaterial: Indian chinon + silkSet: 3 pieces (underdress + open wrap skirt + bisht + belt)..
312.00 USD
A bisht with Indian raw silk embroidered and studded with shiny golden crystals and an eggplant chiffon wrap dress.Material: Indian silk + chiffonSet: two pieces (bisht + wrap dress)..
702.00 USD
A sophisticated beige set with a silver shirt and classic tulle bisht sleevesBaraka: French taffeta + beaded tulleSet: 3 pieces (bisht + shirt + pants)..
286.00 USD
Special design by Kahraman HouseMaterial: Georgette embroideredSet: one piece (daraa)..
260.00 USD
Beige set Beige set
The most ordered
A sophisticated set in beige color with the addition of sequins stitched into the shirt and the tulle sleeves of the bishtMaterial: French taffeta + tulle stitched with sequinsSet: 3 pieces (bisht + shirt + skirt)..
221.00 USD
Bisht Elegant Linen Bisht Elegant Linen
The most ordered
A sophisticated linen bisht with the linen embroidered with a special amber designMaterial: natural linenSet: two pieces (bisht + inner dress)..
195.00 USD
A luxurious tulle dress embroidered with sequins and sparkling crystals with a soft tulle bishtMaterial: woven tulleSet: Two pieces (bisht + dress)..
312.00 USD
A cape-style embroidered tulle bisht decorated with leaves and studded with crystals, and a shiny silk organza dress with a high-neck design and a soft belt.Material: woven tulle + soft shiny organzaSet: 3 pieces (bisht + inner dress + belt)..
247.00 USD
Dark tiffany silk daraa Dark tiffany silk daraa
The most ordered
An original Indian chiffon veil embroidered with flowers with a hand-stitched Japanese silk shield with beads and shiny crystals on the chest and sleeves.Material: Indian chiffon + original Japanese silkSet: two pieces (veil + scarf)..
174.20 USD
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